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2015 Green-Card Sponsorship Applications In Fremont

Name Number of Application
Srs Consulting Inc 15
Lam Research Corp 10
Etouch Systems Corporation 8
Bodhtree Solutions Inc 7
Ultimo Software Solutions Inc 7
Anjaneyap Inc 6
Logitech 6
Cybermass Solutions Inc 5
Intelliswift Software Inc 4
Cougar Tech 4
Intrigo Systems Incorporated 3
Alert Enterprise Inc 3
Systems In Motion, Llc 3
Calsoft Labs Inc 2
Canvas Infotech Inc 2
Tekvista Inc 2
Synnex 1
Nirvana Infotech Inc 1
Iit Jobs Inc. 1
Themis Computer 1
Ise Labs Inc 1
Quantros Inc 1
Strategism Inc 1
Innodisk Usa Corporation 1
E E Co Ltd Dba Jla Home 1
3D Access Industries 1
Beta Soft Systems Inc 1
Embedur Systems Inc 1
Serene Corporation 1
Boster Biological Technology Co. Ltd. 1
Mattson Technology Inc 1
Innovative Intelligent Solutions 1
Syserco Inc. 1
Dew Software Inc 1
Optoplex Corp 1
92 Technologies 1
The New Iem Llc 1
Asus Computer International 1
Ecalix Inc 1
American Portwell Technology Inc 1
Aurostar Corporation 1
Teamf1 Inc 1
Phihong Usa Corp 0
Stratitude Inc 0
Foxit Corporation 0
Embtel Inc 0
Softsol Resources Inc 0
Dcm Limited
Ondemand Agility Solutions, Inc.
Nmk Global Inc.
Acist Medical Systems Inc.
Vertisystem Inc
Mirrorplus Technologies
Scane Corp
Perint Sarimba Inc
Cancer Prevention Institute Of California
Neocortex Inc
Mahaatek Corp
Aries Solutions International Inc
Fremont Unified School District
360 It Professionals,inc.
Sonata Software North America Inc
Northwestern Polytechnic University
Ikanos Communications, Inc.
Rs Computer Associates Llc
Conferra Software
Bodhtree Solutions,inc
Pddn Inc
Pns Technologies Inc
Softsol Technologies Inc
Cgucpa Llp
Lotusflare Incorporated
Zealtech Inc
Bayminds Inc
Datpro Inc
Snw Infotech Inc
Think Surgical, Inc.
Agama Solutions Inc
Bpa Technologies Inc
Indra Solutions Llc
Idea Helix Inc
Sonic Manufacturing Technologies
Itscient Llc
Kompsoft Inc
Eastbay Bi Inc
Clear2Pay Consulting Americas, Inc.
Aaa Broadcasting Llc
Dynasoft Synergy Inc
Zedventures Inc
Biogenex Laboratories Inc
Synergy Softwares Llc
Sigmaways Inc
International Solution Sources, Llc
Ascentt Business Systems, Inc.
Arista Corporation
Tactus Technology, Inc.
Decitech Consulting Inc
Magnaspan Inc
India Post
Rhombium Software, Inc
Tech Icon Solutions Inc
Worldscape Inc
Techsol4U Inc
Corsair Memory Inc
Inmata Solutions Inc
Bayhub Technology, Inc.
Convergent Consulting Inc
Exar Corp
Vintners Distributors Inc
Srinav, Inc.
Ace Animal Hospital, Inc.
Gspann Technologies Inc
Dckap Inc
Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc
Optovue Inc
Retc Llc
Sri Global Solutions Inc
Proswift Consulting Llc
Cavisson Systems, Inc.
Compuga Inc
A3 Logics Inc
Pixured, Inc.
Equinett Inc
E - Infotek Solutions, Inc.
Avalanche Technology Inc
Formac Inc